About Us

Close-Up of Serenity Sign at Serenity Cabins, Patoka Lake

Our Story

We moved from Indianapolis to Patoka Lake in 2015 and instantly loved the peace and beauty of this place and therefore named their property “Serenity”. 

In 2017 two cabins close by became available and it was decided to purchase them and name them “Serenity Cabins”. The cabins were originally built as a 2-cabin “camp” with a kitchen in one cabin and sleeping quarters in the other.  It seemed more practical to make complete units of each and the summer of 2017 was spent adding a kitchen and making other improvements to the bigger of the two.  The second smaller cabin was renovated and became available in June 2019. 

The lake is surrounded by property managed by Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, and development is restricted.  No private docks are allowed.  When on the lake, it feels like “a step back in time”. 

Cabin property lies next to DNR property which borders the lake. Best and closest access to the water is at the public boat ramp which is about 3 miles away.  Drive a little farther to access the water at the marina at Newton Stewart State Recreation Area where there is a beach, depending on water level.  From the cabins, water is visible in the winter when leaves are off the trees. Walking to the water is best when the lake level is low.

Wildlife is abundant, and deer, turkeys, turtles, ospreys and eagles are often seen.